zaterdag 11 april 2009

2 beautifull birthdaycards

Hi everyone,
just a quick post to tell you all I had a great birthday party yesterday. Together with Ruby and 7 friends from school we went to a indoorplayground by bus. We played there for several hours, had a lot of candy, limonade, french fries and yummie icecream.
I received a lot of beautifull presents from my friends, and Ruby and I are going to play with them today.
I also recieved 2 beautifull handmade cards for my birthday.
The first one is from my grandma. She recently started to make stamp/scrap cards and I think this card is so beautifull. Way to go grandma!!!
The second card is this beautifull card from my friend from England Zoe.
Thank you so much for this great card. I love the beautifull pink papers and wooden letters. And this little girl with the watermelon is soooo cute!
I also want to thank Gary, Nikki, Zoe and Danni for the wonderfull presents I received for my birthday. I love the little horse, the very special t-shirt and the yummie easteregg.

We hope you all wil have a great easterweekend.
Hugs, Britt

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Bunny-Zoe's Blog zei

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday sweetie and the card your Grandma made is beautiful, Wishing you and Ruby a very Happy Easter, Lots of Love, Nikki x