donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Our visit to the anniversary concert of K3

Last Monday with went to the anniversary concert of K3 together with our mum, our niece Dane and aunt Saskia.
And wauw, what a great concert. They were singing all of our favorite songs. We did sing and dance all the time, and at the end we were able to shake hands with all of them.
take a look at the photo's mum did take.
if you click on the titles you will hear some of the songs (it's all in Dutch, but you stil can enjoy the music).

Trouwen - Get married

Alle kleuren - All colours of the rainbow

Kuma He- Kuma He

Thanks for watching,
Ruby and Britt

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Mada zei

Girls, looks like you've had a great time at the concert. :)

The group/band looks terrific - such nice ladies and lovely songs. I listened to all the songs on Youtube, thank you for the links.


P.S. If you stop by my blog for a minute, there's an award waiting for you there. :)