donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Britt at her swimminglesson

Don't I look cool in my swimmingsuit???
I'm taking swimminglessons for about 3 months now, and I really love it.
With this suit I can't drawn and I had to jump in the big pool the first lesson.
They use really great words for every move we have to make.
When we have to swim on our back they yell: frog - plane - pencill.
Those words tell me how I have to move my legs.
Right now I only have floaters on my back and pretty soon I have so swim with my clothes on.
I also have to learn how to dive and swim through a whole at 9 meters from the start.
I'm half way right now, but with floaters in my suit it's isn't easy to stay under water.
Take a look at the pictures mum took of me at one of my swimminglessons.

Thanks for watching,
Hugs Britt

2 opmerkingen:

Bunny-Zoe's Blog zei

Oh you are such a clever girl and a great little swimmer. I love your pink suit. Hope you and Ruby have a fun weekend, Love, Nikki x

Mada zei

Britt you look absolutely gorgeous in your pink suit! Always wear pink, it suits your adorable face and eyes.

It seems to me you've already learned a lot of swimming moves and techniques so I think it won't be long until you start participating in various competitions.
Keep up the good work, you talented girl! :)

Hugs to you and Ruby,