vrijdag 15 augustus 2008

Birthday cards and presents already

I (Ruby)have too wait another 7 nights before it's my birthday, but the first cards and presents already arrived.
This card was send to me by a very sweet lady from Romania, Mada. She entered my mum's candy a couple of weeks ago.
Thank you very much for this great card Mada, I love it.

The next package I did get came from England. Nikki, Zoe, Danni and Gary did send me (and there were also some small presents for Britt) all of these great things. Two birthday cards ( one from Zoe and one from Nikki), animalclips to hang all my birthdaycards, some candy ( sorry they are not on the picture we ate them already, and we really liked them), a great picture of Zoe and Danni, and A very soft Kitty which Zoe picked for me. Thank you for this great kitty, I love her very much.

And although it's my birthday coming up, Mada also had a great card for Britt. Thank you for this great card Mada, I love it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Big hugs,

Ruby and Britt

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Bunny-Zoe's Blog zei

I am so glad you loved your little gifts. Your cards from Mada were gorgeous too. Hope you had a great time at school today and have a fun weekend, Love and hugs, Nikki x

Mada zei

Hello lovely girls :)

Thank you for posting the cards on your blog. I wish I could have sent more gifts... :(
I am really glad my cards arrived and you like them. I will try to send some more cards so you can have a Romanian collection :-D

Ruby, just think about how many lovely gifts you will get for your birthday, if they already started coming in. In a week you'll probably need an extra room to keep them all :)