dinsdag 25 november 2008

sinterklaas party

More than a week ago the biggest friend of children (just in Holland) Sinterklaas and his helpers Black Pieten, arrived in Holland.
We are very happy that he is here, becuase that means a lot of nice events and presents.
Last Saturday Sinterklaas was coming to dad's work, and here are some pictures of the party.
Below the pictures you'll find the story about Sinterklaas and his helpers.

Sinterklaas is a very old man. Nobody knows how old. He lives in Spain together with his helpers; Zwarte (black) Piet. There a lot of them. Sinterklaas loves children and a long time ago he dicided that every year on December 5th he celebrates his birthday with all kids in Holland.
In Spain he lives in a very big house. He has to, because the whole year through he is buying presents for all children in Holland.
Half November he gets on his boat together with all the pieten, his white horse Americo and a lot of presents.
the children send him letters with the presents they want to have. He writes down everything about the children in a big book together eith the presents they want to have.(only the nice will get presents so everybody has to behave the whole year).
When he arrives at the end of November there are a lot of children waiting and singing for him.

From that day every on child can put his/her shoe at the chimney at least once.
They put in a nice drawing, some water and a apple or carrot for the horse. At night when everybody's sleeping Black Piet will come and put in a small present and some chocolate.

And than on the big day december 5th, all kids are very excited, because at night there will be lots of presents for those who have been sweet.
They announce themselfs by banging on the door or windows, really hard. And when you go to the doar there a big bags filled with lots of presents.
The lucky kids will have a visite from Sinterklaas or Black Piet. It's a mystery how they enter the house, but they wil bang on the door and start throwing with candy.
They will help unpack the presents and then will leave to visite other kids.
The kids can play with their new toys for a little while and than it's time for bed.
the next day Sinterklaas and his pieten are leaving to Spain again and do the kids have to wait a year before he returns to Holland again.

That's the story about our Sinterklaas. Sounds a bit like Santa, but they only know him in Holland.
Thank you for stopping by,
Ruby and Britt

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Bunny-Zoe's Blog zei

I loved your pictures girls and looks like you had great fun at the party. What great gifts too and I love littlest petshop.. The little animals are so cute. I really love your new look blog.. Love and hugs, Nikki x

cats whiskers zei

Oh this sounds lovely thanks for sharing with us
Hugs Jacqui x